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here_highlightYou hold all the keys, but we’ve still got your back. BUMI HERE is a private cloud backup and recovery solution that allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure and gives you complete control over your backups and where they are stored.

BUMI HERE - How It Works Diagram


How It Works

  1. Two software applications (BUMI Client and BUMI System) will be installed on your network. The BUMI Client software is agentless and only needs to be installed on one server in your network. It does not require dedicated hardware and can be installed alongside other applications. The BUMI System software is installed on a dedicated server on your network and connects to a NAS device provided by BUMI.
  2. When your scheduled data backup begins, data is transferred within your own network to the server installed with the BUMI Client software. When the data reaches this server it is analyzed for any data blocks that have changed or are new since the last backup. Those data blocks are then compressed and encrypted using military-grade encryption.
  3. This compressed and encrypted data is then transmitted over your local network to the BUMI System server and stored in a compressed and encrypted format on the BUMI provided NAS.
  4. After the local backup finishes, your encrypted data is then replicated to a secondary offsite location of your choosing also running the BUMI System software. This configuration ensures that your data is safely stored at a geographically diverse location and can be restored in any type of emergency.

What You Get

Prior to implementation, you will work closely with one of BUMI’s senior engineers to determine a comprehensive recovery strategy for your business. BUMI will then ship NAS devices to both of your locations and configure them remotely along with the necessary software applications. After the initial setup, you will receive the following proactive, on-going support from a dedicated BUMI engineer:

  • Daily monitoring of backup activity. If we notice an issue, we don’t wait for you to call us.
  • Support for simple and complex restores. BUMI engineers are always on hand to help you with the process
  • Monitoring of the BUMI NAS device and customized alerts of any hardware issues
  • Access to your own personal NOC hosted by BUMI
  • Monitoring of offsite replication and assistance with issue resolution
  • Server license registration and hosting