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Divine Capital Markets LLC

Institutional Broker Dealer Selects BUMI (Backup My Info!) to Comply with Industry Regulations


The Challenge

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Divine Capital Markets LLC is a boutique institutional brokerage firm specializing in trading, research and investment banking. Based in New York City, they provide institutional portfolio managers, corporations, pension plan sponsors, hedge funds and investors with high quality trading strategies, research, consulting services and private wealth management.

In the brokerage industry, firms of a certain size are required to have their data backed up by a third party. When the 25-person Divine Capital Markets began the search for a fully managed online data backup company, they started with a short list. “We like to use women-owned businesses since we are a woman-owned business,” says founder and CEO Danielle Hughes. “There are not that many women-owned data backup companies so BUMI (Backup My Info!) with its founder and president Jennifer Walzer stood out immediately.”

The Solution

“In our industry it’s mandatory to have a disaster recovery solution,” Hughes says. “In 2006 we began backing up critical data from our network and hard drives with BUMI.” Hughes learned the value of a hosted backup service early on when Divine Capital Markets lost some data from a drive that wasn’t being backed up by BUMI. “We added it immediately,” she says. Divine Capital Markets now uses BUMI to protect all their mission critical information including databases, personal files, company files, historic files and contact information.

The Results

 “Data protection is one of those services that sits in the background,” says Hughes. “I don’t think about it every day but BUMI does a great job and I would recommend them highly.” Divine Capital Markets is fortunate that they haven’t had a major system failure and hasn’t had to call on BUMI to restore critical information. “Luckily BUMI is just insurance for me. We do have a number of transient workers, like interns, and having BUMI allows us to rest easy knowing we are protected in the event someone accidentally hits ‘delete.'”

Divine Capital Markets has found BUMI’s customer support engineers to be experienced, proactive and helpful. They appreciate that BUMI notifies its clients about upcoming holiday hours, like the stock exchange does with its members. Hughes says BUMI has been highly professional during their annual audits, and the team is very effective when dealing directly with auditors to make sure the brokerage firm is compliant.

“BUMI CEO Jennifer Walzer is a very committed businesswoman and generates a lot of excitement within her team about what they are doing,” says Hughes. “I respect their team oriented, proactive approach. They’re very forward thinking as far as finding solutions to problems that other people in the financial service industry have faced.”


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“BUMI has a team oriented, proactive approach. They’re very forward thinking as far as finding solutions to problems that other people in the financial services industry have faced.”

Danielle Hughes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“I trust BUMI to talk directly with our auditors and that, combined with their excellent customer support, has made me glad I chose BUMI”

Danielle Hughes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer