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Tired of Dealing with Unreliable Tapes, BPD Bank Looks to Managed Outsourcing of Backup Process


The Challenge

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BPD Bank, a subsidiary of Grupo Popular, is a New York State Chartered bank fully owned by a financial group in the Dominican Republic. BPD Bank provides clients with state-of-the-art banking services and offers a full portfolio of products for domestic and international customers. With nearly 100 employees and offices in New York, Miami and the Dominican Republic, BPD Bank Vice President of IT William Batista and his team manage approximately 70 servers in multiple sites.

For years BPD Bank depended on tape backups but IT staffers had numerous problems with availability and reliability. In addition, Batista noticed that it was taking his staff several hours per day to manage the tape backup process. “Tapes fail constantly, especially when you need them the most — when you need to restore,” says this New York City-based VP. “I used an offsite tape facility. I would call to order a tape at 10 am and it would take all day to get the tape delivered to me. And then there would be a charge to the bank. You want your information to be there when you need it. Backups are insurance for day-to-day issues such as a deleted file or email and disaster recovery.”

The Solution

Batista first considered an in-house solution where BPD Bank would manage the backup to the bank’s own servers. “I didn’t want to be dependent on tapes failing on my side, and I didn’t want the management of the backup process taking up so much of my team’s time,” he says. So he started looking at hosted solutions. “The business of the bank is to bank, not to do backups,” Batista says. “If you outsource it there are other people, professionals, devoted to backing it up.”

Batista first looked at another hosted solution but was hesitant to move forward without having had previous experience with the product or the company. Then the bank’s IT consulting partner Syzygy3 recommended BUMI (Backup My Info!), giving Batista the confidence to replace his legacy tape system. For the last two years BPD Bank has been using BUMI to backup flat files, Microsoft Exchange, and the bank’s core banking applications that have SQL and Oracle databases.

The Results

BPD’s ultimate objective was to have their data available when they needed it and to have the assurance that someone was actively managing the process. “BUMI goes the extra distance to make sure we get the service we need,” Batista says. “It’s managed outsourcing. Someone is on top of it, which allows the IT staff to concentrate on other tasks.” Batista appreciates that when there is a failure he gets a phone call, not just an automated email. “We get bombarded with emails and they sometimes fade into the background. When you receive a phone call from a BUMI customer support engineer, you know you have to deal with it. The BUMI customer service process ensures that you get what you contracted for. If something doesn’t get backed up, they make sure it is resolved as soon as possible.”

Batista didn’t want a company that would automate the process and then walk away. “IT at BPD Bank is a service department and we go the extra mile for the bank,” he says. “I only want to work with vendors that have the same mindset. BUMI is a proactive company that is vested in keeping their clients happy.”

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“Tapes fail constantly, especially when you need them the most — when you need to restore. That’s why I switched to online backup from BUMI”

William Batista, Vice President of IT

“With a lot of companies when you outsource, you’re on your own. We have outsourced the backup process but it’s managed, and it’s being managed by someone. BUMI makes it their responsibility to make sure we are getting exactly what we contracted for and exactly what we need. It is a higher standard.”

William Batista, Vice President of IT