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Customer Success Stories

We believe that people generally choose to do business with companies that share their core values. That’s why it’s no surprise that our customers are businesses and IT providers who are in business to take care of others. Our customers realize that by backing up their data, they are not only protecting their business, but they are also protecting their customers and employees. BUMI customers are smart people! Now that you know what we think about them, check out what our customers have to say about us.



Abbey Spanier Rodd & Abrams

Industry: Law

“With Backup My Info! I know that if a disaster did happen we could be back up and running in no time. And the partners trust that our data is safe and secure.”

John Vigliarolo, Director of IT

BPD Bank

 Industry: Financial Services

 “Tapes fail constantly, especially when you need them the most — when you need to restore. That’s why I switched to online backup from BUMI”

 William Batista, Vice President of IT

Charter Brokerage

 Industry: Customs Brokerage

 “BUMI proved their worth pretty early in our relationship when we had a huge disaster in December 2011, losing our entire virtual infrastructure. The servers we relied on BUMI for came back up with no issues.”

 Tiberiu Stanescu, IT Manager


 Industry: Document & Record Storage

 “Most of the companies we spoke to just sold software solutions, leaving us on our own to manage it. [BUMI’s] customer service impressed us from the onset.”

 Louis Weiner, President

Criteria for Success

 Industry: Sales Consultancy

 “Not only is the whole BUMI team extremely competent but they are very likeable, and I prefer to do business with people I like.”

 Charles Bernard, CEO

Divine Capital Markets

 Industry: Investment Banking

 “BUMI has a team oriented, proactive approach. They’re very forward thinking as far as finding solutions to problems that other people in the financial services industry have faced.”

 Danielle Hughes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Family Wealth Consulting

 Industry: Financial Services

 “The relationship we have with BUMI is the same kind of trusting relationship that we want our customers to have with us. I wish all my relationships were as solid as the one I have with BUMI.”

 Hilary Martin, Financial Planner

The Moret Group

  Industry: Apparel Design

 “The engineering team at BUMI is amazing and worked with us to congure and test everything. They know the software inside and out and provide great customer support when we need it.”

 Kevin Lewis, VP of Technology, The Morét Group





Protravel International

 Industry: Travel

 “When you’re panicked because you just crashed your system, you want BUMI on the other end of the phone. You don’t want to risk all your data with a cheaper, lower end backup service.”

 Lou Moran,  Chief Technology Officer

Superior Office Systems

 Industry: Office Equipment

 “BUMI is the best insurance I’ve ever had. I spend a lot more money for my commercial insurance, and I never use it. With BUMI, I spend a lot less and I’ve used it many times.”

 Eric Wolf, Co-Owner

Preferred Health Partners

 Industry: Medical

 “BUMI reaches out to us even if it’s just for a single file that did not properly backup. It’s rare, but that’s the kind of attention we wanted and needed. With BUMI, I am confident they are watching at all times and will tell us if something has gone wrong.”

 Eric Lau, IT Support Engineer


 Industry: Insurance

 “A big differentiator for BUMI was the fact that I had access to their technicians, who walked me through the process and basically held my hand as I worked with the product.”

 Howard Muhlstein, Infrastructure Project Manager


Serengeti Asset

 Industry: Hedge Fund

 “BUMI takes complete ownership of the monitoring and managing of our data backup, making it hands free for us. They are a secure, professional, and white glove hosted backup company that provides exactly the kind of service and solution we needed.”

 Jeff Miller, Chief Technological Officer 


Premier Utility Services

 Industry: Utility Services

 “BUMI has become an extension of my IT department. It’s tough to quantify how many man hours we are saving. Backups should just work, and with BUMI they do. Now my staff can spend their time managing mission-critical projects and not the backups.”

 Chris Bartlett, IT Manager

Greenwald Doherty

 Industry: Legal

 “In the legal field, we need to pay extra attention to security and backup due to the fact that we are dealing with privileged information with clients. In our line of work, the backups have to be secure.”

 Joel Greenwald, Managing Partner